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"Just spent nearly five hours on the touchline watching my son play an U11 football tournament. Windy , wet and bloody cold even though it's May. I was the only warm person there thanks to the merino top."

Gareth Hicks


"Absolutely delighted with my baselayer leggings, 150km on husky sled trip in Finland under padded onesie nothing else!! Kept me toastie and not sweaty"
Ingram Lloyd

 " ...ours have had a good bashing in the Cumbrian fells. We particularly like the LifeStyle Plus design, which has well positioned padding and features a mix of merino wool, nylon and an intriguing fibre that includes threads of seaweed ! "Dave Stewart - MD Walking World and Member of Kirby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team


Dear Mr Pierce,
Many thanks for the socks which had me mystified as to the sender for a few weeks until a Tushingham letter arrived. The post here in Afghanistan is criminally slow hence my delay in writing to you to thank you. The socks have been out on the ground on many foot patrols and I can happily report they have performed very well. Trying to keep feet cool in a 50 degree desert is a test for any sock and the boots do not help but in comparison to other socks they are very comfortable. The sock contours the foot well and does not scrunch or twist in the boot. The cushioning is cleverly placed especially around the toes and make a noticeable difference in comfort. I have had no hot spots or blisters from patrols wearing your socks and my feet do not come out of them at the end of the day looking like prunes. My favourite point is the fact that the sock top is not constrictive. As you are aware patrolling in such temperatures with heavy weight causes legs to swell and once back in camp your legs have an inevitable sock line from swelling and constriction – you sock has never caused this no matter how hot the day or how long I am out. Unlike many socks designed for sport they also do not smell after hours of wear. Whilst it is not of concern to you in your sock design, I think you should know that they wash immensely well in a concrete mixer and do not blow away when balanced on a washing line in a sand storm – immaterial to you but crucial to me.
I sincerely thank you for your kindness in sending the socks to me, reducing the Athlete’s foot that plagues many of us soldiers and allowing at least one part of my body to be comfortable when on foot patrol. I would recommend them to anyone and only wish HM Forces would commission you to make them for all soldiers.

Captain Anna Crossley

"Dear Steve,
Life Socks
Thank you for sending a pair of each of the light and heavyweight socks.
I can truly say that I am delighted with them both. The care and attention to detail is first class. Never before have I had such comfortable socks, that not only cushioned my feet from the rigours of the trail but also kept them cool and moisture evaporated away. I wore them continuously for fourteen days as I walked The Cathars Way in Southern France - 200 miles.
The temperature was between 25 and 30 C each day. Despite not washing them, they retained their shape and comfort, even after fourteen days of hard walking in the mountains, upto ten hours a day.
I have worn out over 3,000 pairs of socks while walking more than 204,000 miles in the last 45 years. Never before have my feet felt so comfortable. At the end of 14 days they were washed and retained their newness and comfort. This is due to unparallel construction and the softness but hardy Merino wool. They always supported my feet and are tailored to fit individually both the right and left feet as marked on the toe. At the same time the upper was not tight and allowed circulation.
I would not hesitate to recommend these socks to any hiker or outdoor enthusiast. They really are Life Socks, and the one’s I shall be using on my next 1,200 mile walk.
Thanks again for allowing me to try them and know at last I have at last found socks that will last and last on a marathon walk.
I cannot praise them enough!
Happy walking,
John N Merrill"

John N Merrill,

The John Merrill Foundation


"Dear, Adrian

Thank you for contacting me once again, your socks are fantastic.

I have ran 6 marathons now wearing the samples you were kind enough to
give me and have been over the moon.

No blisters and no sweaty feet.

I have been constantly recommending your socks to my fellow runners.

I will be running the London Marathon in April next year and are currently
looking for a company to sponsor my running shirt so if you would like
premium advertising for the cost of a donation and printing on a running
shirt please do not hesitate to contact me further.

I shall look to order another pair before my marathon



Mark Ward            
The Haigh Engineering Company Limited


“ I have been wearing my performance socks for several weeks and can state that they are, by far the best socks I have worn.

They are extremely comfortable due to the quality and thickness of the material but they do not cause my feet to overheat thanks to channels in the padding.

The sock is well shaped and soon becomes tailored to the foot, which means that it does not move around in the shoe or boot. As a result of this stability and the fact that the inside of the sock has good quality cushioning and well protected seams, there is little or chance of receiving blisters.

The socks wash well and show no sign of wear after 6 weeks of regular, hard use.

On the face of it they may seem, to some, an expensive sock but I feel that to buy a cheaper product is a false economy. I would recommend these socks without hesitation.”

M. J. Lees – Postman, Squash player, Hill walker, ‘Sock Connoisseur’


“I have been wearing your company’s LifeSocks now for the past 3 months having purchased 2 pairs. I was at first skeptical about their claimed benefits for diabetics. However I have to say, that they are so comfortable and offer such support, that my feet feel as though I am walking on air.

From a practical point of view they also wash extremely well and have maintained their elasticity without any noticeable shrinkage. I only wish that they were a little less expensive but I supposed you pay for what you get, and these are undoubtedly a quality product.”

M B Favell


“I wore the socks for a week and thought they were comfortable and I thought my feet didn’t ache as much with them on.”

Leigh Wills – Postman


“Socks are extremely comfortable and reduce pain from walking at the end of the delivery.”

Mark Oram – Shirley


“Nice fit and good thickness.”

D Halford – Shirley


“I have worn the Airborne Plus Quarter socks over the last few weeks and have definitely felt a vast improvement on my normal socks.

They seem to fit better and feel spongy making my feet less tired at the end of the round.

I also felt I was quicker on the round as I had a spring in my step.”

Steve Goodwin – Postman


“The socks are very good quality and were very comfortable.

I would definitely wear them all the time.”

Darren Bartlett


“Great comfort, easy fit and durable.”

M. Busuttil


“I have tried these socks over the last few weeks and found them very comfortable and my feet ache less after a days work.”

Paul Durrant – Shirley Delivery Office


“Excellent walking socks, good fit and very durable.”

Mick Less – Shirley Office

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