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Established in 2013 we had the vision of manufacturing high quality merino wool sports clothing in the UK, we quickly discovered the majority of the UK's production facilities had been shipped out in the 1990's. What we did was establish a network of independent manufacturers who working together are able to manufacture a 100% UK made product. The only thing we cannot do is farm the merino in the UK - the best merino wool comes out of New Zealand South Island, so that is where we get out yarns from.

Merino Wool

Our Merino growers do things differently. The unique alpine environment in which Merino thrive is renowned for producing exceptionally high quality merino fibre, superior in its whiteness, softness, strength and durability.

Merino is a complex keratin protein-based fibre that shares a close compatibility with human skin, nails and hair. This makes merino fibre a natural, harmonious choice when selecting what to wear next to your skin which provides temperature regulation and protection.

Merino benefits:

The Wearer Advantages

Our yarns are selected for their remarkable natural ability to effectively manage both temperature and moisture.

Temperature is regulated by the natural crimp and resilience of merino fibres which trap pockets of air, providing insulation and ensuring that the socks are comfortable to wear in all seasons. Put simply your feet will feel warmer in colder climates and cooler in warmer conditions.

Moisture is managed by the way the fine, soft merino fibres are able to repel liquid moisture and to absorb and transfer moisture vapour away from the skin, preventing the feeling of dampness and discomfort. Your merino garments won’t get smelly because odour-producing bacteria can not flourish easily in this environment. You are also less likely to experience the friction, rubbing and blistering that can occur if excessive fluid accumulates on the skin.

By retaining the moisture and naturally occurring oils that are produced when the skin sweats, the merino fibres also assist in nourishing the skin, keeping it supple and flexible and helping to prevent cracking or splitting.



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